SPIN is a networking platform designed to facilitate communication and interaction between industry professionals and acknowledged leaders in the immigration market.
SPIN promotes business liaisons between immigration services providers and agents who deal directly with end customers. As a result, SPIN members gain new partners and clients, and target destinations, broaden the scope of their services, and boost sales.
How Does It Work?
For Service Providers:

Are you an immigration service provider who creates immigration products and works with clients internationally?

SPIN features direct contacts for agencies’ senior executives, including emails, mobile phone and messenger numbers. You can contact the company you are interested in immediately and initiate cooperation.

SPIN is supported in English, Russian, and Chinese. All company profiles and service overviews are also available in these three languages.

SPIN is a database of your potential agents in the major immigrant source countries, including Russia, India, and China. SPIN will help you find local agencies to offer your immigration products. Agents work directly with end customers, and with their assistance, you will win new clients in countries of interest.
Why is it important?
Many local companies (e.g. in China or Russia) do not have an English version of their website, which makes it impossible for foreign providers to locate these agencies on the internet. We locate these agencies, obtain key information from them, double-check it, and translate it for you. This data is exclusive to SPIN!
For Agencies:

SPIN is a comprehensive database of prospective partners and suppliers from around the world. You can pick an international or local immigration company, immigration lawyer, or a regional branch in the immigration destinations popular among your clients. Immigration market leaders from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, and the EU are on SPIN, and email addresses, mobile phone and messenger numbers of their top managers can be located on SPIN. All company details are available in English, Russian, and Chinese. A user-friendly interface, convenient system of filters and search function will save your time and help find the right company anywhere in the world quickly and easily.

SPIN will help you find new partners and establish business relationships with them. It will enable you to expand your service portfolio, add new countries and immigration programs to it and offer even more opportunities to your clients.

SPIN is a Professional Information Resource
SPIN publishes immigration market news and a digest of analytical materials. It is a valuable source of professional information. Immigration law updates, market analysis, expert insights and other information is regularly made available on the SPIN platform.
Gain new clients and partners and stay in touch with acknowledged immigration market leaders from around the world.
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