Greece Residential Property Price Index: The most expensive places to buy or rent a home revealed

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This article is based on the study published by Spitogatos, an integrated hub for Greek real estate.  


Greek housing market: Statistics and facts


Piraeus neighbourhood tops the list of areas with the largest growth in home prices (up 23.2 percent), followed by Corfu (up 21.5 percent) and Thessaloniki (up 21.2 percent), while Kastoria, Boeotia, and Karditsa saw the biggest price fall.


The biggest increase in asking rents (up 36 percent) was seen in Pella, and the Cyclades experienced the most significant drop at 15 percent. 


Regions with the highest home prices:

  1. Athens, South (€3611/sqm)
  2. Cyclades (€3333/sqm)
  3. Athens, North (€2915/sqm)
  4. Lefkada (€2500/sqm)
  5. Kefalonia (€2222/sqm)

Regions with the lowest home prices:

  1. Kastoria (€588/sqm)
  2. Kilkis (€630/sqm)
  3. Florina (€643/sqm)
  4. Kozani (€657/sqm)
  5. Karditsa (€672/sqm)


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