What is SPIN?

Effective 1st February, the Certification in Investment Migration will be included in the SPIN platform

SPIN, a global networking platform for immigration professionals, is delighted to announce its endorsement by the Investment Migration Council (IMC). Starting this February, each new SPIN member will have access to the Certification in Investment Migration course, thus the opportunity to get certified by the IMC on successful completion.

What is SPIN?

SPIN is the world’s largest online database of investment immigration companies. The platform features profiles of more than 650 companies from around the world, including service providers and agents. SPIN encompasses a range of business areas, including immigration, residency and citizenship by investment, luxury real estate, consulting, and private banking.

SPIN for Service Providers:

  • Helps sell services to clients around the globe, both directly and via agents;
  • Provides direct contacts for senior executives, including mobile numbers, messaging contacts, and email addresses;
  • Enables receipt of more than 200 enquiries daily from direct prospects (investment immigrants);
  • Facilitates cooperation with regional companies with a smaller internet presence that cannot be found otherwise; and
  • Ensures 24/7 access to a global database of top-tier immigration agents.

SPIN for Agents:

  • Provides the opportunity to add new immigration programs from around the world to your portfolio;
  • Helps find direct contacts for senior executives at leading companies (WhatsApp, email address, and mobile numbers);
  • Opens doors to expand your market and service portfolio; and
  • Ensures 24/7 access to a global database of top-tier immigration service providers.

SPIN complies with the GDPR.

IMC Education and Training (IMCET)

The IMC is the worldwide association for investment migration, bringing together the leading stakeholders in the field and giving the industry a voice. The IMC has constituted a division, IMC Education and Training (IMCET), which is the industry’s only provider of certificated professional education and training programmes for all those working in the industry. The Certification in Investment Migration requires a total of 20 to 25 hours of study time, which needs to be completed within 6 months and is then assessed through a 2-hour, 100 multiple choice questions test.

This online course which is delivered through a custom Learning Management System and includes 5 compulsory modules, is designed in a way that enables you to study at a time and in a format that works for your lifestyle. On successful completion of the programme you will then be awarded the 'IMC Certification in Investment Migration' and the professional designation Cert (IM), which contributes in creating verifiable evidence of your competency within this industry.

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