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If a company operates several branches in different cities, each must complete a form to have its own profile on SPIN. This enables our search filter to identify your specific office.

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The following fields are editable:

• Geographic markets
• Primary industry
• Contact details
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Once you have input all the information, click “Save”. All members will then be able to view your information.

Please provide more details to give our members a more accurate understanding of your company, its services and approach. This will ensure high relevance and precision when your company appears in searches.

If you change the company name or edit the description, the updated information will only appear on the site after approval by a moderator.

You can also place the contact details of up to five senior executives in your profile. Just click “Add Representative”. If you want to make changes to an existing profile, the updated information will appear on the site as soon as you finish editing. If you add a new representative, the information you submit will be displayed after approval by a moderator.

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You can find companies using our convenient search filters.

How to use filters

Select parameters to refine your search:

• Country
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• Services (Investment immigration/Business immigration/Residency by property investment/Personal financial consulting/Acquisition of government bonds/Other)

Narrow your search criteria to make your search results more precise.

“Remove Filters” button

Once you select search criteria, the “Remove Filters” button will appear. When filters are cleared, the system displays the entire list of companies, arranged alphabetically, 10 entries per page.

Direct catalogue search

The search box on the catalogue page enables users to search for companies across the database. Type in your search query (i.e. the company name or relevant keywords) and the system will display any matches.

Default page view

If you don’t apply any filters, the system displays the entire list of companies arranged alphabetically, 10 entries per page.

Each company is displayed in the following format:

• Name
• Logo
• Country

When you click on the logo, you will be redirected to the company’s page.


A “Favourites” icon appears opposite each company in the catalogue. The user can add the company to favourites by clicking it, and delete by clicking “Remove from Favourites”. Unless removed by the user, the company remains on the favourites list permanently.

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