Portugal Golden Visa Program

Published on: 16.01.2020

Required investment amount: from €250,000.

Investment options qualifying for a residence permit include: 

  1. To transfer €1 million capital to the country;
  2. To create at least 10 jobs;
  3. To purchase real estate valued at €500,000 or more;
  4. To invest €350,000 or more in 30+ year-old real estate in an urban regeneration area;
  5. To invest €350,000 or more in scientific research; 
  6. To invest €250,000 or more in artistic, cultural or national heritage preservation projects;
  7. To invest €350,000 or more in an existing local business or in the incorporation or capitalization of a Portuguese company that creates five new permanent jobs for a minimum of three years; 
  8. To invest €350,000 or more in private investment funds; or
  9. To invest €500,000 or more in a small- or mid-sized business.

Status:  The Golden Visa grants a temporary residence permit. The average time to process approvals is three to four months . A residence permit holder may apply for a permanent residency permit and a passport in the sixth year. 

Description:  The program enables non-EU citizens to obtain a special residence permit in exchange for a 5-year investment in the country. The program was not blacklisted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). 

Benefits for residence permit holders: Visa-free travel within the Schengen area (26 countries); the opportunity to apply for naturalization after 5 years of residency; a Portugal residence permit enables its holder to be joined by his immediate family members; the opportunity to obtain a non-habitual resident status provided you spend no less than 183 days a year in Portugal or have a home there. Non-habitual residents are entitled to tax benefits, including tax-free foreign income for 10 years. 

Benefits for passport holders: Dual citizenship for all family members, visa-free entry to more than 170  countries, the right to live, work and study in any part of the European Union, business-friendly tax law, affordable education and high-quality medical services.

Time allowed outside the country: Unlimited. There is no continuous residence requirement to obtain a Portuguese passport - the investor only has to spend one week in the first year and two weeks every two years in Portugal.

Website: Golden Visa Properties by Obrana Group Portugal.

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